TMC 1911 Grip Screws - Aluminum - Hex - Standard Grips

TMC 1911 Grip Screws - Aluminum - Hex - Standard Grips
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TMC 1911 Grip Screw (Hex - Aluminum) Set of 4 for standard thickness grips

These aluminum hex grip screws feature a 1/16" hex to give your 1911 a totally custom look.  The screws are CNC'ed machine from aircraft quality aluminum rod.  The screw set is supplied with a 1/16" allen wrench

This Hex Head 1911 grip screw meets or exceeds original factory specifications. If you're building a gun, or wish to bring your 1911 back to true mil-spec, this parts will provide exceptional service.  The Hex head screws reduce the chance of marring your grips with a standard flat head screwdriver. These grip screws will also dress up your 1911 and add a custom look.  CNC'ed machines from high quality 400 series stainless steel.   May require fitting to specific gun.

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