Grip Screws - -Star - Two Tone - Torx - Standard Grips

Grip Screws - -Star - Two Tone - Torx - Standard Grips
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TMC 1911 Grip Screws - Two Tone - Star -Torx - Standard Grips

These Stainless Steel grip screws feature a Torx drive and Star Pattern to give your 1911 a totally custom look.  The screws are CNC'ed machine from high quality stainless steel rod.  The screw set is supplied with a Torx wrench

This Torx Head 1911 grip screw meets or exceeds original factory specifications. 

Give your 1911 a custom clean look.  Grip screw sets ship with 4 grip screws, 4 rubber O-Rings and a Torx wrench.  Everything you need to change the look of your 1911.

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