C&S The Ultimate 1911 45 ACP Extractor Series 70 Blue

C&S The Ultimate 1911 45 ACP Extractor Series 70 Blue
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Cylinder and Slide's  "The Ultimate 1911 45 ACP Extractor Series 70 Blue"

Cy linder and Slide's Ultimate 45 ACP 1911 Extractor is the only extractor that is made from the correct spring steel called out by the military print. Bill has personally had every extractor that he could purchase tested to determine the steel alloy. All of the extractors that he had tested were made from the same incorrect steel. The Ultimate extractor has the correct nose shape and the proper radii for the most reliable function. This feature also saves time in fitting the extractor.  The Ultimate extractor will maintain its tension long after the others have failed. Tensioning instructions are included with every Ultimate Extractor. Every Ultimate Extractor is Rockwell tested to insure correct heat treatment. The Ultimate Extractor is not only heat treated it is Austempered for maximum wear resistance.

For more information on the development process of The Ultimate 1911 45 ACP Extactor Click here

To see how to tension the extractor, by the Master himself  Click here

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