1911 Hammer Sets - 3 and 5 piece sets

 The actual trigger on your 1911 has very little to do with trigger pull or feel of the trigger that you experience when shooting your 1911.  The feel and function of firing your 1911 is actually determined by the engineering and fit of your hammer, sear, disconnector and the correct selection of the main spring and sear spring.  A high price trigger with low quality fire control components will still result in a poor un-wanted trigger pull. 

The parts that the manufacturers are currently using are made either from investment cast or metal injection molded steel. These types of manufactured parts are quite adequate for production handguns, and these parts can be manufactured at a very low cost. This helps keep the cost of the stock handgun down. For those hand-gunners who are satisfied with a production handgun these parts will probably last indefinitely. However, this type of part will not stand up to the finely fitted tolerances and high bearing loads placed on hammers, sears, and disconnectors when a proper trigger job is done, and, you would not be reading this catalogue if you were satisfied with a production handgun.

These types of factory parts are not completely homogenous and have some slight voids in them. These voids will not allow the sear and hammer engaging surfaces to be highly polished and as slick as our parts are. The factory parts are usually heat treated to RC 42-48. This means that the factory parts will wear down much faster and this will definitely shorten the life of your trigger job. Sometimes the stock parts will only be hardened on the surface to a depth of only .005?. To try to stone this type of part will remove the hard surface and leave the soft core exposed. The soft core of case hardened parts will not stand up to a trigger job.

Extreme Engineering and Cylinder and Slide fire control components are the best Hammers, Sears and Disconnectors made in the USA.  All Extreme Engineering and Cylinder and Slide components carry a lifetime warranty against breakage.  The quality of the Extreme Engineering and Cylinder and Side components far exceed those of the imported kits that are offered by others.