1911 Grip Screw Tap .150"X50TPI Thread

1911 Grip Screw Tap .150"X50TPI Thread
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TMC 1911 Grip Screw Tap .150"- 50 Thread


American made .150" X 50 TPI high speed steel tap.  These are quality 4-Flute High Speed Steel taps and are used for repairing damaged threads on the inside of the grip bushing.  The is the perfect tap to repair your grip bushing when you have cross threaded the grip screws and damaged the bushing.   Storage case is included.





Thread: 0.150"x50 TPI

Material: High Speed Steel 

# of Flutes: 4

Tap Style: taper - Pointed Starter Tap 

Overall Length: 2.8 inches 

Drive End Square Size:  .2"

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